How to Wear Disney Princess Makeup in Real Life: Everyday Simple Makeup Ideas

We’ve all longed for a little magic in our lives. From wanting a handsome prince to sweep us off our feet to wishing little bluebirds would come down and do all the housework for us, there are a lot of things to envy about the Disney princesses in our favorite stories!

Not only do the lives of these princesses often end up being elegant and glamorous, but they spend a lot of time looking elegant and glamorous, too! Flawless curls, gorgeous rouge and lips, and, yes, an occasional ballgown all add to the effortless charm of some of our most iconic heroines.


Everyday Simple Makeup Ideas Inspired by Disney Princess Looks


While we probably can’t teach you how to talk to woodland creatures like Cinderella or grow your hair a mile long like Rapunzel, we can help you bring a little magic and elegance into your everyday life with some simple, stunning makeup ideas.

After all, some of our favorite Disney characters teach us that beauty is whatever you make it, so try out some of these easy ideas to channel your inner princess wherever you go!

Disney-Inspired Makeup Ideas

You don’t have to deck yourself out in a ton of makeup and glitter to feel like a Disney princess (though, we say go for it, if you want to!). Instead, think about just a few of the things that make princesses feel like princesses. They are effortlessly beautiful (even in the face of struggle or danger), they are confident about themselves, and they know what they want! 

All of these things can be accomplished in YOUR everyday life by embodying the spirit of your favorite princess. All it takes is a little confidence and a little makeup to match the mood!


Bésame Cosmetics Cream Rouge

1) Give yourself a little glow

The first step to becoming a princess is to have that inner glow that only the perpetually cheerful princess can have! Creating a luminous, cheerful look depends on adding the right pop of color to your makeup routine.

To do so, you’ll need highly pigmented, but light and effortless cream rouge to give your cheeks a gorgeous glow all day long -- all without looking like you’re trying too hard. Imbuing your day and your cheeks with a little bit of color can make you feel fresh and vibrant without needing a full face of makeup. These simple touches create the fresh, youthful, and simple look usually worn by princesses everywhere!


Woman wearing a yellow polk dots dress and Bésame makeup

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2) Make your eyes pop

The era of the Disney princess began in the 1930s with Snow White, firmly solidifying vintage makeup and fashion trends as the quintessential Disney princess “look.” That’s why we think vintage inspired makeup is one of the best ways to bring Disney magic into your everyday makeup style.

One of the Disney princesses’ signature features are their big and bright eyes that can easily be replicated with the right mascara. Besame’s black cake mascara is inspired by vintage makeup reminiscent of the glamorous styles of our favorite Disney princesses. Enhancing your eyelashes with mascara makes your eyes look bigger, giving any eye color a magical sparkle and effortlessly defined look.


Woman showing her makeup, wearing Fairest Red Lipstick

Image credit @emilynoel83 on IG


3) Don’t forget your lips

And, of course, the key to any Disney princess look is to add subtle but powerful elegance to your makeup look through the perfect lipstick. Our princesses’ lipstick is flawless throughout all of their adventures -- and yours should be, too! 

Lipstick is the perfect way to elevate an everyday look, turning even your simple makeup routine into a glamorous style. Pick a color that effortlessly matches your skin tone for a complete, polished everyday look.


Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration Makeup Collection Powder



The Ultimate Disney Princess Collection

We’ve given you some simple, everyday tips for looking and feeling like a princess. But, maybe you want to take your Disney dreams even one step further. 

That’s why we’ve curated some special, limited edition, one-of-a-kind sets as our contribution to Disney’s Ultimate Princess Celebration.

Overall, we’ll celebrate 12 different princesses, each with their own refillable compact and matching lipstick featuring never before seen images of each princess. These kits are the perfect way to bring Disney magic into your daily life and encompass everything we’ve talked about here -- from the perfect rouge to an effortless lipstick choice! 

Keep an eye open, as we’re releasing them each individually over the next few months and you’ll want to be sure to grab them all before they’re gone! That way, you’ll have the perfect princess style for every occasion -- no matter which princess you feel like channeling that day!


Woman smiling wearing Bésame Cosmetics Red Lipstick and Cake Mascara





Choose the Makeup That Makes You Feel Your Best


Channeling your inner princess isn’t really about what you look like, but about how you feel. 

That’s why it’s so important to find the makeup and the style that’s right for YOU! Check out some of our other products to find the perfect combination for you.

Adding a touch of glamour and elegance to your everyday makeup can make you feel like the hero of your own story all day long.

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